It might be closer to home than you think

Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

When I was a child, I though that the world’s easiest job was to a food taster. Somebody is actually paid to come to the work place just to eat. Possibly write something down (Today the person probably typed on a keyboard or just use a mouse and click) and then eat. Until it was time to go home. Then I learn that people were actually paid to sleep.

In case you think that this was old news, here is something more recent. In a workaholic society like Singapore, there is a job that requires an employee to sleep. This is an ideal job if the pay was more acceptable. Unless you are an insomniac which in that case tossing and turning in bed is torture.

After working for two decades, I realized that I was wrong about which jobs are easier. It is also nothing about working smarter or more efficiently. You do not need to hunt for the easy jobs.

Nobody’s job description is carved in stone. That is why busy people get more tasks assigned to them. You can then decide to do the dirty work yourself or “outsource” it. Responsible people will say “outsourcing” is passing the buck.

I discover that the people that took over several of my jobs transform those jobs into one of the easiest. They transferred much of their duties to their subordinates. If they wanted to be professional, it was termed as an opportunity for their subordinates to learn new skills. Otherwise, they became unavailable whenever duty calls. Alternatively a task became a team effort. Then somebody else’s duty.

Voila, instant easy job.