Why the Drama about Dr Jill Biden

Doctors do not matter until you are sick

Recently Dr Jill Biden came under some criticism as she apparently uses the title Dr even though she is not a medical doctor. She has a doctorate in education. The common argument was that the in an emergency, you always wanted to know who the medical doctor was.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

How many people can afford to have a doctor on call? Most people have to depend on the emergency hotline. That is if you can afford the ambulance ride. Otherwise, you have to get to the ER by yourself. The first responders will be paramedics or nurses. It could be hours later before you see a doctor. Welcome to the real world. The world does not revolve around your desire for instant medical care.

I have worked in the medical profession decades ago. Full Disclosure: Not a medical doctor. No patient in an emergency ever requested that I return only after I graduated with a medical degree. It is true that they would prefer a doctor but they were all realistic enough to accept the assistance available. Especially when there was nobody around.

Side Note: Doctors are not MacGyvers. They need medical equipment. It is true that some of the more resourceful doctors can improvise solutions with whatever that is on hand. That is the exception and not the rule. There is a reason why the doctor’s bag or the paramedic’s bag is heavy. Hint: It is not to build upper body strength.

Myth 2: We only care about the medical professionals

If everybody was so concern about qualified medical professionals, why is there a story about a nurse with a side hustle? Why do we not pay the nurse more so she can study to be a doctor? The sad truth is that truth is that the medical profession is a service job. And like most service jobs, the workers are required to be invisible. The “medical doctor” claim is similar to a Karen’s demand to see a manager.

The truth is that doctors are ignored when convenient. Which doctor is advocating smoking and binge-drinking? Have those activities reduced to zero? As what we seen with anti-vaxxers and anti-mask wearers, doctors do not matter until you are sick.

Myth 3: Titleholders have a duty to society

I understand there is some distaste in calling people by their titles when you do not fully understand or accept the purpose. One of my pet peeve was using the title captain for people working in white collar jobs. I knew they were qualified maritime professionals. Should I only call them captain if they will save me in an incident at sea?

I have also called men of faith by their religious titles even when I do not share their faith. Or should I request that the pastor or bishop be qualified to perform an exorcism before I address them by their title? We take it by faith that they earned their title. Pun intended.

The point is that unless you are asking to removing all titles, the Doctor title argument is pretty much an issue of class. Some titles have more status than others.

If not calling Dr Jill Biden by her title would save a single life or help the medical profession, I will be support it. But the truth is the issue is always about who Jill Biden’s husband is. Or that Jill Biden’s husband is going to get a new job on the Jan 20th, 2021.



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