Why Trump supporters are not going to start a shooting war

There was a “medic” running around with a medical kit in Kenosha. He ended up shooting three people but let’s focus on his medical capability. Just how many people do you think he can save with his medical kit?

It is easy to fire a rifle. It is possible to round up a few armed people to go to a protest. (Ok, a few thousand) It will not result in a repeat of Fort Sumter in 2020. Why? Who is the quartermaster for the militia? Will there be a repeat of the request for French Vanilla Creamer?

But let us go back to the medical problem. Who is going to save you? The medic that has no experience? The medic with experience but does not believe in wearing a mask in Covid-19? Call 911? But even if you are sent to a hospital, who is going to pay for the out-of-state victim? Start a Gofundme campaign? Would you die for a leader that insists that you sign a waiver if you contact Covid-19 at his rally?

Are there dark money funding protests? Possible. But do those financiers want to fund a revolution? There are also many Republican politicians and their donors who own property in America. Do you think they want to risk it for Trump? Trump is not even spending his coin on his own campaign.

Recall the plan to storm Area 51. Nobody participated in the illegal part. People do not usually embrace stupid ideas that could end up in prison time. It is one thing to carry a firearm (Even shouting rude things while carrying a firearm). It is quite another to risk getting shot at. Trump supporters do not strike me as people who will lay their lives down for others. Perhaps the All Lives Matter movement would care for the fallen Trump supporters?

A lone gunman shot Lincoln. A lone gunman storm the pizza shop looking for the non-existent basement. There are shootings in America. Most do not even make the headlines nationally. The point is that shootings in America do not lead to another War World. Or if there was a world war in 2020, everybody missed the dots.

Is Trump desperate? Do bears go to the toilet in the woods? However, Trump is going to be Trump. He will not take responsibility for things especially if they go south. He will not spend his own money if he can. As his tax filings have shown, he pays more taxes overseas than in America. That will tell people where his interest lies.

So what is left? Whisper campaigns. Heard about Hunter Biden’s emails? Most of America hit the snooze button. Heard Trump blaming Fauci for not advising about wearing masks? I am sure that will encourage masterminds to share their revolutionary/criminal plans with Trump.

The last card left. Gamesmanship. The Republicans will try to stall things in court or Senate. Some might even consider going to another state to cause some trouble. Paying protesters. Risk catching Covid-19. Nobody is going all-in on Trump. Not even his wife.

As for the rest of America, keep calm. Stop doom scrolling and vote. Democrats are not that helpless.