Where is the beef?

Or why the name of food is important

There is one practise that I hate in the food industry and that is to change the name of a dish and then charge a higher price. Or to mislabel something and call it as food.


It is just meat in tubes. Unlike eggs, nobody cares about how the sausage is cooked. A large number of them are pre-cooked so you could boil, steam, grill or fry them. They are also meant to hidden in buns or buried under mustard or hot sauce.

Different people around the world have develop it. Nobody calls bacon or ham tubeless sausages. They are just another type of dish. Then we have Sausage Muffin. I have nothing against the muffin or the cheese but there is no sausage in the dish in McDonalds. I know that sausage patty is a thing but that puck of meat taste unearthly. My taste buds have given up deciding if it is beef, mutton or chicken. It is supposed to be pork but my taste buds believe it is a side overcooked hellhound.

Some of my reader will tell me not to order it. Except that some sneakier corporate SOB will try to put it in their menu. I have encountered it in several budget airline breakfast.

Canadian Bacon

First, I need to clarify that the Canadians are not nationalistic about their pigs The Canadians do not consider any part of the pig as exclusive for Canadians. Canadians butchers are not wasting the rest of the pig.

I blame this term solely on the Americans who came up with it. It was not like a part of the pig was missing until Canada was founded.

So why the grouse? I was asked if I wanted bacon or Canadian Bacon. I do not look like a Canadian in case the readers are wondering. The pig was also not a native of Canada. It turned out that I wanted regular bacon instead of back bacon.

Bacon substitutes

I have eaten the Baconator in Wendy’s. I was an instant convert.

Thus I was perplexed when KFC offered its version which they call the Baconized Zinger. I have tried KFC bacon and I do not recommend it to bacon fans. Or anybody. It is literally and figuratively a turkey. I also tried that burger and I can confirm that I am not wrong about anything. I am glad I could not taste the bacon or the cheese that is supposed to be cheddar.

I do not complain that McDonalds does not have bacon in its burgers. Burgers are fine without bacon. If you want to add bacon, add the real thing. Part of the appeal of bacon is that it is supposed to be greasy and oily. If the only thing that is greasy and oily are the corporate suits trying to stuff fake bacon in my burgers then I would give it a miss.

Beef bacon, chicken bacon, turkey bacon? We got to draw the line somewhere. Nobody is asking for beef trotters or chicken tails. And before anyone ask about Buffalo wings, it comes from a place called Buffalo.



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