True Steel

Photo by Peter Pryharski on Unsplash

The World Wonders

The term above is famous for two reasons. It was used in a poem about the charge of the light brigade. The phrase was also used in a code as padding in a message to an admiral in WWII. Instead of fooling the enemy, it humiliated the admiral.


The Russian warship’s name was Moskva. Which translate to Moscow. Which is also the capital of Russia. Given such a name, the warship naturally was the flagship of its fleet¹. From what I understand, it was supposed to provide aerial security for the rest of the fleet. Given the steel warship’s mission, it is ironic (Pun intended) that it was sunk by an aerial threat.


There is a cartoon on YouTube that was blocked by the Russian recently. The cartoon was then unblocked by the Russian government. What is funny is that the cartoon was made in the 70s by the Soviet government.



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