Sin City

Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash


A president fled to Singapore before tending his resignation. The president had to flee as his people had entered his house and started using the facilities. (At least a pool and a gym. That is probably why he manage to outrun the mob.) Some people even grab a meal from his kitchen. His people in Singapore tried to meet him at the Singapore airport to give them a price of their mind but he managed to give them the slip.


A couple of guys in Singapore apparently owe people billions of dollars. More, accurately, a hedge fund owes money to many institutions. The reason? They were long on cryptocurrency. If they had betted their own money, this would be a none story. But they borrowed cryptocurrency from other institutions. These other institutions also borrowed the cryptocurrency so are in a similar spot of bother.


Nobody is perfect. But what I hate is people coming to Singapore to flee from their crimes or debts. Other people are left behind to pick up their mess.

Photo by Derek Lynn on Unsplash



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