Or why misfortune of certain people is so pleasurable

The news just broke that Donald Trump has gotten Covid-19. My immediate thought was whom to pass this news to. My day which started poorly suddenly looked brighter. The grin on my face lasted for minutes.

Full disclosure: I am not a fan of Trump. But if Trump has a heart attack, I would not have bothered to write this. It is that Trump has become all that is wrong in society with the Covid-19 pandemic. Spreading false facts? Check. Not wearing a mask in public? Check. Arguing with experts on Covid-19? Check. Being an unpleasant person in this difficult time? Check.

Now, the world has not changed. We still have Covid-19. Parents (read matured people) probably gain a new fact to warn their children (read immature people) about the need to wear a mask when in public. Those anti-maskers have just lost a prominent supporter. Or at least the supporter has an unplanned staycation for the next few days.

Wear a mask. Practise social distancing. Be more understanding of one another. Stop spreading false facts. The rest of the world does not want another tale of sadness. Or a new punchline.