Engsiong Tan
2 min readJul 21, 2022


Or how did it get such a name

Today, I learn that there is a Nothing’s phone. A company called Nothing made a smartphone. I can understand if a company training people how to meditate is called Nothing. Or if it specializes in minimalist design. But a tech company called Nothing? It better be selling me invisible nanotech suits. Or hardware solutions that can be send wirelessly. Otherwise, all I can associate with the Nothing phones are nothing burgers.

Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash

XXXX beer

My first impression was that the beer company got so high on their product that they were too drunk to write the name of the company. So they decided to use tally marks. However, the company is in Australia which means a lot of beer has to be drunk or they have a low tolerance for beer. The XXXX was meant to signify the strength of the beer.

Or the Australia are too tired to change the lyrics of hundred bottles of beer on the wall so just use a letter instead. They used four letters as everybody knows drunks have problem reading.

Lorem Ipsum

This is actually a text in Latin. Fortunately for the rest of the English reading world, it is just a waste of space. A place holder so that the reader can focus on the font or format. It is just to distract the user from reading the text so that they can focus on the layout.

Neque porro quisquam est qui dolorem ipsum quia dolor sit amet,


That is a name of a drink. It turned out that the creator of the drink was tired of his friends refusing to decide on a type of drink by using a one word reply. No prizes for guess what one of the word was. The other word was Whatever. There were two cans with an unknown flavour. You could guess at the flavour by looking at the ingredient but not by looking at the can. The flavours were randomly packaged and sent to the retail outlets.

Croque Madame

I am fine with people give objects different genders. Ships are female. But a dish being female really threw me off. Moreover, it was not clear as Madame was meant for a lady or a lady of the night (Read lady whose affection is for rent.). Things became clearer when I found out that there was a Croque Monsieur that does not come with an egg. The egg really added the flavour. And the waiter did not care what you ordered.