Trump’s last lesson

There was been a lot of discussion about the word Unity. Biden spoke about it in his inauguration address. The GOP politicians kept using this word after the 6th of January,2021.

But those speeches all fell short in details. Trump actually gave us a masterclass about Unity in his farewell event.

Photo by Jill Heyer on Unsplash


Everybody was invited to the farewell. The GOP politicians who spoke out against him. Check. The people that he fired. Check. Even a guy who worked for him for ten days. You could even bring your friends or family.

See? No hard feelings. It was just business. Or politics. Hmmm, it seems like the postal service must have drop the ball because many of the invited people did not turn up. Perhaps only five staffers were morning people.

Words mean things

Trump used the word “love”. And “thank you”. Even “thank you very much”. He even thanked Mike Pence even though he ̶b̶l̶a̶m̶e̶d̶….. Let’s just say that if Mike Pence had granted Trump’s wish, there would be no farewell event on the 20th of January. It is a mystery why Pence chose to attend Biden’s inauguration instead. Could Mike Pence be a fan of Lady Gaga?

Even Biden got a letter from Trump. Biden administration got a mention in Trump’s farewell speech. But strangely Biden’s name was never mentioned. Perhaps everything that had to be said was in the letter?

Not sure what have a good life actually means. I guess we have to get an explanation from the folks at Qanon.

Say it loud

I am not talking about the 21 gun salute that Trump wanted. Trump used the word “We” when he spoke about the accomplishments in his administrations. He even promised, “I will always fight for you”. That is probably why Pence had to attend Armed Forces farewell tribute in Trump’s place. Trump was often having executive time. Many calls and many meetings.

There is a phrase that is suitable for this point. Nope, not “Action speaks louder than words”. Not “Easier said than done.”

It is “Famous last words”.