Job interview for bipartisan supporter

A 2020 remake of Clint Eastwood’s empty chair interview

Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash

Thank you for coming.

It says in your resume that you are a principled conservative. We have not heard much from you guys in the last four years. You are in mourning for John McCain? But that occurred more than two years ago. Most employers do not have two years of compassionate leave.

In previous employment, I noticed that you listed think tank as one of your professions. Could you tell me more about that job? What topics did you write about? Helping Americans and strengthening America? Could you explain the topic in more detail? Healthcare? Ok, go on……

Oh, you were asking about health benefits? Of course, the job provides health insurance. However, we can discuss the benefits at a later stage of the interview. So back to the topics that you wrote about, could you expound more about it? You need some time to recall the details? No problem. We can revisit this question later.

Why do you want this job? To challenge the mainstream media? I understand what the fourth and fifth estate is. So can how can you influence both the fourth and fifth estate? We have a social media presence. The social media presence is quite visible. Look, Biden won the popular vote without indoor rallies, so there has to be some social media presence.

You also state that you are part of the silent majority. Well, we need you to change the minds of the currently noisy minorities. No, we are not talking about BLM and LGBTQ. We are talking about the Qanon supporters …… I know about Q going dark recently. Perhaps he is just counting or recounting ballots in some swing states. Or accidentally fired by Trump.

We are looking for people who can influence hardcore supporters to adopt new ideas or at least discuss changes. Let me give a scenario. Americans need to reduce social gatherings during Thanksgiving and Christmas to stop the of Covid-19. Any suggestions?

War on Covid-19? War on Corona? Stop the flu? Any better suggestions? No, I doubt those messages will work better on flags and lawn signs.

Any further questions about the job? Can I say fetus? What does bipartisanship have to do with fetuses? Is this another Project Veritas “gotcha” scam? Hey, where are you going?