Or why there are often no good choices in life

Spoiler Alert! Fans of DC Universe may want to watch The Suicide Squad first.

Photo by Tamanna Rumee on Unsplash

Random dude finds a lamp and rubs it.

Genie: Thank you for freeing me. You can have one wish. The good news is that I can show you a YouTube clip before I make the wish permanent.

Dude: I want to star in a superhero movie.

Genie: Done. You are now Weasel.

Dude: It is ok as long as I get a few good lines. It is not like I can fit into Deadpool’s suit.

Genie: You are the weasel in The Suicide Squad. No talking lines. DCU. Here are some of the trailer shots.

Dude: I want to have good talking lines! Licking windows is just dumb.

Genie: Done. Nobody wanted the Thinker’s role anyway.

Dude: Which guy is the Thinker?

Genie: The person who is just told by Harley Quinn that he will be killed if he coughs without covering his mouth.

Dude: The actor with things sticking out of his head? Nope. If this is an action film, I want to be an action star.

Genie: There is Savant. He is a mercenary with uncanny killing skills. Here is his script.

Dude: Why is his script only on one page?

Genie: He does not say much and he dies pretty quickly. Y’know the whole Suicide Squad thing. But at least he saved a team mate.

Dude: I want to be an action star that makes it to the end. Alive.

Genie: Final decision?

Dude: As long as he gets more lines and has some cool action scenes, I am not picky.

Genie: He has got more lines. He also get into a killing competition with a fellow comrade.

Dude: He does not get killed in the movie?

Genie: He makes it alive even to the end credit scene. Satisfied?

Dude: I am playing the good guy, right?

Genie: Your character is called Peacekeeper……

End Scene

Life is complicated. You want to be a good guy. This means following rules. Rules that could be written or manipulated by bad guys. You think that religion would be different. You find the same bad guys with different faces.

Even if you are the good guy, what makes you think that the world wants a good guy?