Or how skim milk masquerades as cream

In 2003, France opposed America in the Iraq war in the UN meetings. In retaliation for the slight, an American politician renamed French fries in the Congressional cafeteria. And Freedom Fries was born. Freedom fries died in early childhood as it was renamed French fries three years later. The slight was also misdirected as fries originated from Belgium.

Photo by Mockup Graphics on Unsplash

This would be an interesting footnote in history if it were not for the Freedom phone. For the “low” price of $499.99, you get a phone that the Big tech giants are not able to track you or censor your free speech. Except that the hardware (Not made in America. Hint: It shares the same homeland as iPhone.) is available for $120 or $179.99. So you are just paying $300 for the FreedomOS. Except that FreedomOS is actually Lineageos. If you do not know what Lineageos is, it is basically derived from Android. Both Android and LineageOS are free.

The price of Freedom™® is truly #%@!:?.



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