Hidden tragedy

The protagonist living in a fictional past. The need to be well-liked. The other woman. The two sons. The rich elder relative who is deceased. It even starts with a failed sales trip. Welcome to Trump’s reenactment of Death of a Salesman. (Working title: Tantrums of a billionaire) Thanks to the “powers of the president” as well as modern technology, the world will get to participate in the play. Some participants more willingly than others.

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash

There is a sale going on. It is not Black Friday. It is not Cyber Monday. It will be still ongoing after Christmas. The entire GOP is currently on sale. Naturally, different things are on sale. You can only get pardons from the President. Some buyers are more open than others. Some sellers are only open to selling to the President. (Full Disclosure: The sellers later changed their position.)

But what about the rest of the GOP? They have sold their silence. Notice how few GOP leaders have spoken up against Trump’s insistence that he won the election? The RNC is getting a cut of the “Official Election Defense Fund”. Now you know the reason. It is just business. To be fair, f̶r̶a̶u̶d̶ “fundraising” is not the sole monopoly of the GOP. The s̶c̶a̶m̶ “business model” also attracts other competitors.

No, nothing happened.

That is the sad truth for America. Trump’s presidency is as empty as many of his other ventures like Trump university. Many people were adversely affected by the fallout but nothing Trump promised came true. (Those made publicly to the voters. I am sure some people made out like bandits.) Parts of the new wall had serious structural issues. Mexico did not pay for the construction of the wall. Fifteen miles of new wall built over four years.

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There is a lot of talk about Trump running in 2024. Or Ivanka (I doubt that Jared will be as supportive as Bill Clinton. Or productive.). Everyone has seen Trump’s dream for America. It is the same reason why the RNC 2020 platform recycled its 2016 platform. It is all about blaming the other guy.

I am not saying that businesses do not make a comeback. But Trump’s presidency was just a lot of copy and pasting. Make America Great Again was copied. Be Best was at least paraphrased. What is the next thing? Whiter Power? White sheets that do not need washing?

I don’t want your goddam job!

Take a close look at Trump’s presidency. Did he ever appear to be working on a long-term job? Or was it more of looking for the next shiny plaything? The daily briefing had to be made easy to read and attention-grabbing. Trump also skips the regular briefings. There was a myth that Trump would use his connections to get the best people. The number of seats left unfilled and the number of people he fired showed that to be a falsehood.

There is no real energy in the battle to overturn the election results. The “Four Seasons” parking lot debacle was no surprise. It was a low budget, poorly planned event. There are better B movies made on smaller budgets.

Even if one discounted the incident, Trump’s legal team then file a suit in the wrong court. The legal team of a billionaire filed a suit in the wrong court. Let that fact sink in. All the outrageous claims made by Trump’s lawyers have not been proven in court. (Except one. The observers were made to stand ten feet instead of six away from the poll workers counting the votes.)

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We’re free

This sad farce has played out like a Greek tragedy. Wealth and power turned out to be more of a curse than a blessing. The president could golf almost every weekend but the games had to be hidden from the public eye. He had more supporters (74 million) but he made even more people dislike him (81 million).

And to what end? A divided country. A poorer country (Excluding the billionaires). Trump’s actual achievement appears to be passing a cognitive test. The saddest thing is that in spite of all the wasted money, pain, deaths, Trump is no closer to being happier or wiser or better.

He had the wrong dreams. All, all, wrong….. He never knew who he was.