Or things are never what they seem

See the bird below? It is a Chinese Pond Heron.

Image by Author

See the bird below. Same species. It is just that the bird below has a breeding plumage. The bird above is in a winter plumage. And before you ask, the bird migrates to warmer climate in winter so the brown is for camouflage in the tropics.

Back to the heron in breeding plumage. I have never seen how they attract their mates but my first impression is that the female herons are less picky then peahens. Alternatively, the Chinese pond heron must have an exotic dance to attract its mate.

Image by Author

I am not criticizing the fashion taste of the bird. I am just pointing out that it has rather drab and somewhat uniform plumage. And its dating outfit is not any better.

It was one quick makeover trick. When it flies, you can see that its wings are white.