Best foot forward

Or what is wrong with the war in Ukraine

I am not playing down the current war on Ukraine. But there is something that is missing. The Russians are supposed to be experts in the cyber warfare. Cyber warfare is supposed the face of the new war. America had a fuel crisis in 2021 because of a hacking incident.

Except that people in Ukraine still have communication to the rest of the world. Ukraine radios and TVs are not playing Russian propaganda. We all saw criminal masterminds hacking the airwaves or networks in the Golden Circle and the BBC Sherlock. By now, we should be hearing the words of Putin directly. Deepfake clips of Ukrainian surrendering or claiming to be Nazis should have flooded the Internet. The airwaves should be filled with non stop Russian programs. When we google, only pro-Russian data should be popping up. Google food, only Russian dressing should appear. Google drinks, only White Russian, vodka, kvass should appear.

The Metaverse should be like the Matrix. Except that Agent Smith should be having the face of Putin. Or his avatar.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Or at least the Russian version of this.

Or when Google Pay and Apple Pay stopped working in Russia, there should be a “patch” available or crack available.

When the Western world froze the bank accounts of Russian oligarchs, certain non state actors refuse to work for free. Even if they are based in Russia.

My pet theory is that Putin does not trust technology. He is short sighted but he does not wear glasses or contact lenses. He also did not have any eye surgery. Even if you do not trust Lasik, lens can be implanted. But if you are Putin, the notes can be printed with bigger fonts.



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